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My favorite thing about Instagram is that, Instagram is a medium that is completely open to interpretation. I believe the purpose of this assignment was to illustrate how Instagram allows a variety of people to express themselves and share their lives in a variety of ways. I did not expect this weeks Instagram assignment to get the reaction it did. I think it is very interesting the way people react to Instagram post. I am a film major so I’ve been continuously exposed to the qualities of a “good frame” or an appealing image. The interesting thing is is that even if your photos are technically sound that does not mean that the image is making an impact. In order for a post to actually make an impact the content needs to illicit an emotional reaction. I can definitely say that I have never received that kind of reaction from a photo that I have taken. Even though I personally think the photo wasn’t technically sound I feel like the emotional subtext behind the photo allowed people to interact with the post more that they normally would if it was just another photo of Guthrie Tower. When it comes to producing content for a brand, production quality plays a major role in the legitimacy of the brand as well as their impact on Instagram. A brand like Polaroid uses Instagram as a platform for visual interaction with consumers by highlighting frames taken by their customers. The fact that they are highlighting everyday consumers and still producing content that is technically sound allows them to build a stronger connection with consumers on that platform awell as advertise the quality of their products.


Mkt blog #2

This week in class I found out about Arby’s Facebook marketing campaign and I was honestly very plesently surprised to find that they have pretty much figured out the most effective way to market on Facebook. Facebook is a very effective tool that can help market a brand but this tool comes with a unique set of challenges. Social media marketing can almost seem invasive at times if the campaign is done incorrectly.Facebook has a unique algorithm that allows the user to cut through the clutter and only see what appeals to them. By using pop-culture references as well as niche subcultures they end up using the Facebook algorithm in their favor. One of the major factors of effectively marketing on Facebook is interaction with the consumer.

Consumers are more willing to pass up convenience when a company appeals to their sensibilities. This type of marketing also invites the consumer to post their own references inside of an Arby’s. Being that Arby’s really doesn’t seem to have a specific target demographic they are free to really do just about anything. Arby’s is in a unique position because companies like Hardee’s and Chick-fil-A have a specific target demo and they also have a defined tone in their advertisements. Unlike Arby’s, Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr.) is targeting a broader audience which is just men. This might work for print or TV but Facebook is not print or TV. Hardee’s is a great example of a company that does not get Facebook. I’m sure if you type in hot girls eating bacon onto Facebook there will be tons of other random videos that minimize the impact of that post. As you can see the interaction on that post is drastically lower than the Arbees post. So I definitely feel like Arby’s understands exactly what they’re doing they have a completely different print and TV campaign which is what is necessary in this day and age.

Hardcore Henry

If you haven’t heard of the film Hardcore Henry (Ilya Naishuller, 2016), that’s soon to change because this film pushes the limits of cinematography like we’ve never seen before. Deadline writer, Tiff, says the film can best be described in one scene, where Henry is pursuing a captured enemy about details, when out of nowhere; a sniper’s bullet strikes the enemy creating a gruesome scene. Considering, the film is shot in 1st-person the scene “is designed so that each audience member feels like they themselves are going to spend hours cleaning off all that blood and gore.”

The unique shooting style seems interesting, and I admit that I’ll probably check it out just to witness the end result and form my own opinion. But that doesn’t mean I’m looking forward to seeing it, in all honestly, I’ll probably have to force myself to see the end credits. Not that I doubt the directors talent or storyline, but a film entirely in 1st person seems frustrating and too much like a video game. In fact, Deadline compares the film to first person shooter video games like Call of Duty, stating that “Hardcore Henry is more of an endurance test and asks much of anyone who is not a hardcore gamer.”

Even though I’ll probably side with Deadline on this, I think any film that attempts to push the limits is worth viewing at least once.

Disney Animation To Live Action

There’s no doubt that Disney is considered to be one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Millions of kids, even of different generations can recall their favorite Disney story. If there is one thing that sells; it’s a good story, and no one knows that better than Hollywood. Come on, there’s a reason they allow numerous adaptations of Disney films such a large budget – you know it will do well in the box office.

In Mia Galuppo’s article she lists the upcoming Disney animation films that are planned to be live action movies:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Pete’s Dragon
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Maleficent Sequel
  • Jungle Book 2
  • Peter Pan
  • Pinocchio
  • Dumbo
  • Sword in the Stone
  • Mulan
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tinker Bell
  • Snow White
  • Aladdin
  • Prince Charming

I’m not one to complain about any live-action Disney film, I hardly watch one and regret it. However, I can’t help but question why so many remakes are planned? My first guess is that Hollywood knows what sells. Take a look at the recent box-office hits like Cinderella, Maleficent, and now The Jungle Book. A Disney remake targets audiences of all ages, only allowing for more success in theaters. Personally, I’m excited to see some of the new spins on old fairytales.

Mr. Burberry by Steve McQueen


Hearing that Steve McQueen released a new piece of work is exciting news. His name rose to popularity in 2013, after releasing the Oscar-winning film “12 Years a Slave.” In the film McQueen brilliantly explored American slavery and one man’s fight for survival. Although, there are many films covering the same topic, McQueen’s creative choices filming “12 Years a Slave” allows for the film to stand out amongst others.

When I first saw an article written by Tambay A. Obenson, alluding to the fact that Steve McQueen was visually back in business, naturally I instantly clicked on the link. However, I was somewhat shocked to read about his new project and must admit I felt let down when I realized it was only a Burberry commercial. I say the term “only” because I admire McQueen’s work and had hoped to see much more of him on the big screen.

McQueen released his first commercial project, titled “Mr. Burberry.” The minute-long commercial broadcasts his talent, displaying a young couple poising in Burberry trench coats. McQueen told the UK’s Telegraph that he artistically intended to portray the passion and sex behind two people. I’ll be the first to admit that the brief Burberry commercial gave me cold chills, but in the end I wish I had watched his sexual portrayal on a cinematic screen rather than on my computer.

Culture clashing with art

At this point, I don’t even have to ask if you’ve heard about Beyoncé’s new song, “Formation.” The song and music video has been the main topic of conversation since its release date. There’s no doubt that the video is sending a particular message, but some are concerned that the underlying message is portrayed in an offensive way.

In Brandon Harris’s article he discusses “The Problem with Beyoncé’s Formation Video.” As far as cinematography goes, director Melina Masoukas met all expectations. Matsouka’s choice to switch between different formats – HD, grainy 16mm, blurry, near-surreal VHS made the video appear to be exerts from different home videos or news clips, which in my opinion is why the video excels.

However, Harris argues that the message “Black lives matter” doesn’t excel and hardly registers throughout the video. While there is an abundance of imagery alluding to Katrina and demonstrating the violence and injustice to black members of the community, there is also numerous lyrics and images alluding to Beyoncé’s lavish lifestyle. Harris closes his article with the statement: “it’d be nice to hear her articulate her beliefs and intentions – that is, beyond the allure of her own commercial viability, wrapped in the symbols of black revolt.”

Personally, I am a fan of almost anything Beyoncé leaks to a mass audience. However, I do agree with Harris – I would rather people be talking about how black lives matter and taking action than arguing over a Beyoncé music video and song. Although, I admire that she is bringing a major issue to light, I am discouraged that her video and select lyrics overpower the intended message.


Bryan Cranston Might be an icon

Brian Cranston is truly a rare talent that has been fortunate enough to have had multiple iconic roles that showcase his skill and versatility. Beginning with his comedic role on the hit fox sitcom “Malcolm in the middle” Brian Cranston’s performance really blew me away. A recent indie wire article by Ben Travers claims that Brian Cranston might just top his performance in “Breaking Bad” with his new role as former president Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO Film “All the way”. “Few performers in recent memory have been honored as consistently or as fervently as Bryan Cranston. Starting as a largely unknown but incredibly talented comic actor in Fox’s hit sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” his Oscar nomination for “Trumbo” in 2016 was another of Cranston’s consistently awards-worthy performances — performances that actually attract as much attention as they deserve.”(Travers) I really do find it odd that a lot of people cry out claiming that some actors like Denzel and De Niro are icons when, as actors, their performances are totally inconsistent along with the fact that they regularly release films that are ,for lack of a better term, trash. I truly believe Brian Cranston is a performer that has been beyond consistent throughout his career and he has been continually left out of the conversation when it comes to “icons”.

It really does look like Cranston is beginning to get the attention he deserves for his amazing work after his powerful performance in the groundbreaking AMC drama, “Breaking Bad”. Breaking Bad, despite its incredible success, came to an end after five seasons the giant success of the show and his role as Walter White did not pigeon hole him, instead it propelled his career. “Perhaps what’s most interesting about the story surrounding Cranston this year isn’t that he’s up for yet another award, but that the roles he chooses don’t seem specifically targeted for attention. “Trumbo” felt very much like a passion project, as does “All the Way,” even though both sported a number of factors that made them friendly to Academy voters.”(Travers) Much like Daniel Day Lewis, Brian Cranston is a unique talent that has been incredibly consistent mainly because of the roles they choose to perform. Cranston is garnering attention again forhis performance in the HBO Film “All the way” where he reprises his Tony Award-winning role as President Lyndon B. Johnson. The film will not be released till May 28 but I am excited to witness another powerful performance by Brain Cranston

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