Final thoughts!

When I first saw this course on Topnet I was immediately intrigued. I was curious to see exactly what social media marketing even meant surprisingly the main thing I’ve learned is that it is impossible to give a strict definition of social media marketing. This course has really been an eye-opening experience for me mainly due to the fact that I was completely unaware of the various career opportunities that are out there, especially when it comes to content creation. It is honestly a very encouraging  knowing that there is essentially a marketing gold rush driven by social media platforms and analytics. Being able to assess these large brands while comparing the different campaigns on specific platforms really gave me a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.  I was definitely shocked to find that a lot of big brands continue to adhere to old fashion marketing strategies and ignore the valuable tools that each platform provides. Much like I said in my last post social media marketing is not conducive to a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to marketing campaigns. Knowing your audience and also knowing how to use specific social media platforms to interact with consumers are key to having a successful online marketing campaign. Social media marketing is an exciting challenge mainly because of the limitless opportunities for creativity and the continuously evolving nature of social media. To be completely frank this is probably the only relevant course that I have taken this entire semester. I am a film major and I initially took this course just to learn about how social media could be used as a funding raising source for projects. But throughout the semester I have discovered just how quickly the field of marketing is changing. Due to advances in technology, marketing firms have gained an remarkable advantage through the vast amount of consumer data that generated online and on different social media platforms. Online algorithms have allowed brands to target consumers with surgical precision. Unfortunately the Industry as a whole has been slow to adapt to the new platforms. A variety of independent entrepreneurs have recognize the monetary potential of social media platforms. An effective social media presence gives a brand the ability to advertise for free and it also provides a great opportunity to build a relationship with consumers that leads to brand loyalty. Social media platforms are so powerful that even the average person can become a brand through becoming a social media “influencer”. Two days ago NPR actually did a story on Bloomberg reporter Max Chafkin about his month as an “Instagram influencer”.

This article is just one example that illustrates the importance of an effective social media presence. With the right content you can go from being an ordinary Joe online, to an “Instafamous” online marketing tool. Old school marketing practices are dead, marketing firms have to understand the Internet and social media has completely changed the way consumers interact with brands and advertising. A cute commercial spot on primetime just doesn’t cut it anymore. Social media platforms are ideal for marketing especially due to the fact that it is an  inexpensive medium that allows you to  customize a campaign that will reach your consumers directly through algorithms. Understanding these algorithms and the specific platforms the brands chooses to use will significantly impact the effectiveness of the campaign. I am really glad I took this class especially because I have been able to help my parents understand how they can grow their business with the tools that social media platforms provide. But I am just shocked that it took me four years to actually learn something in class that has a direct impact on my life and my career options. Thank you so much for opening up a new and relevant job opportunities for me!


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