Snapchat marketing 

This week we tackled two more platforms, snapchat and Pintrest,in the ever evolving landscape that is social media marketing. One thing that I’m beginning to realize more and more each week is that a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is the wrong approach when it comes to advertising on social media platforms. In order to effectively market any product or brand on a social media platform it is important to have a firm understanding of the way consumers interact on specific platforms.Snapchat  inspires a variety of untraditional campaigns mainly due to the fact that the platform is open for interpretation. Users can interact or post creative and original content that appeals to their sensibilities. It seems like Snapchat offers a variety of options for advertisers but it really doesn’t show how much of an impact the advertisements actually have unlike facebook and instagram. 

Even though filters give advertisers the unique opportunity to have consumers market and share their products they do not seem to have as much of a lasting impact unlike Arby’s or Taco Bell’s instagram and  Facebook campaigns. I was verry impressed by the facial recognition technology and the innovative steps snap chat has taken to make the platform more interactive. Unfortunately I do not see the Snapchat platform as a very effective marketing tool. Simply because of the way that Snapchat is structured, it is very difficult to find specific brands that are not on the Discover page. The fact that the content disappears within 24 hours makes it extremely difficult for a brand or business that does not have “Snapchat personalities” that can continuously generate content. Lastly the fact that you cannot share content to other people makes its extremely difficult to make an impact.


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