Make Facebook great again.

I have been doing my very best this week to stay away from social media. My head is still spinning because of the results of this election. The reaction to the results ambushed my feed the next day. Unfortunately my candidate lost the election, but I was honestly shocked when I noticed that I could not find one positive post about the results. This led me to start questioning whether or not Facebook algorithms are contibuting to the growing devicive climate within the United States. The tech crunch article Dr. Martin posted touches on what a lot of journalist have been saying about the societal impact of Facebook’s “echo chamber” affect. Facebook as a platform allows individuals to exchange information and discus a variety of issues. The Facebook algorithm, from a marketing standpoint is a useful tool. Unfortunately, when it comes to politics these algorithms play a crucial role in the growing divide between both parties. I have been continuously questioning why Facebook can be considered a reputable news source. The facebook platform should not be used as a replacement for a reputable news sources. Vetting and proper journalism CANNOT be replaced with catchy headlines and Clickbait. I think that this election has let everyone know exactly how divided the country is. That your Facebook feed is not an accurate depitction of what the world looks like. I really do believe that it is important to make sure that Facebook implement certain stopgaps and restrictions to their algorithms when it come to news. But I also believe that the general public should stop being apathetic and actually start paying attention to what is going on instead of reading a headline and simply clicking the share button.


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