Photo project

This was hands-down my favorite week of class so far! Two awesome guess speakers and on top of that two photo projects. It is safe to say I have never been in a class that is this interactive. I really enjoyed listening to Bob Skipper’s take on being in the front lines of western’s social media presence. I honestly did not know at the time that it took that much time, effort and coordination to cancel school because of weather. Another highlight was hearing firsthand experiences with misinformation going rampant, creating a major situation for Wku. The challenge becomes, getting ahead of the story with the rite information in the rite amount of time. Bob Skipper seems to have done a masterful job of transitioning and adjusting to the many advantages and disadvantages that comes with technilogical advancement.Twitter has made it more convenient for the university to comunicate with 15,000 people instantly. Unfortunately it has also made it more convenient for false information to us spread rapidly. The silver lining is that in the case of a real emergency and phone lines are down because of a surge of trafic the university still has an efficient way to comunicate relevant information. I don’t think I could hanldle Bobs job but I guess it’s is pretty telling that when he is not putting out figurative fires for the university, he is out there putting out literal fires for the citizens of bowling green! It takes a special person to be willing to take the heat for class not being canceled but Bob has managed to let the negativity roll rite off of his back while continuing to relay important information for WKU students.


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