Social media and filmmaking.

One of the main reasons I signed up for this course was because I wanted to have a better understanding of how to effectively use social media as a platform. I’ve been blessed enough to have had the opportunity to land great internships in a field that I am interested in. During my second internship I got the chance to sit in on some of the pre-production meetings for a couple of films that were being slated. I began to notice that a majority of the marketing meetings focused on what their approach was for a the social media roll out. Before the movie is even shot conversations about demographics and content for specific social media platforms over shadows conversations about print and television. The film industry depends heavily on word of mouth. The key to having a successful opening weekend is by having lost of people interested in or talk about your movie. The rise of social media has brought major changes to the film industry. Social media has had an even larger impact on independent filmmakers. The greatest obstacle an independent filmmaker has to deal with is funding. Social media has streamlined crowdsourcing and apps like kickstarter I have made it possible for aspiring film makers to gain access to funding without releasing creative control. 

That being said raising money or advertising a product on social media is no simple task! The past few weeks we have gone over a variety of social media platforms that have to ability to give you the tools you need in order to spread the word about your brand. I found an article on indie wire that stated the 10 social media Do’s and Dont’s for filmmakers 10 Do’s and Dont’s . A lot of these Do’s and Don’t are similar to what we have discussed in class but the first one is, give people inside access. Even though most people that spend a lot of time on film sets feel as though it is not the most exciting thing in the world. The average person is always interested in peaking behind the curtain to see what all goes into the film making process. By giving the people you interact with special access they begin to feel more involved in the creative proces.It is important to manage social media platforms effectively because it can translate into sales. 


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