Video project

My favorite thing about the video projects we did this week was, being able to see everyone’s projects. I really enjoyed working on this video project mainly because of the topic “a day in the life at WKU”. This topic is specific enough to give you a bit of direction but broad enough to alow everyone to have their own take on what that means. I was very impressed especially because most of the groups had little to no experience but I feel like every one produced great content! I am very pleased with the way our project came out and I loved watching the class react to it. I really took the topic and ran with it (pun intended)! Because of the time frame I wanted to produce something that would hold your attention the whole time. I am very curious to see what the analytics look like. Because my theory was that if there was some sort of tension throughout the entire video most people would stay and watch to see what would happen. I also used quick cuts to ensure that the viewer would pay atention longer. The story was also an easy excuse to show off the campus without being obvious. I am really happy with how everything turned out especially because I had a solid group that did exactly what I needed them to do while also juggling class/work/ strep so all in all I think the shoot went great and everything worked out! I am verry excited to see the analytics for every ones videos the see whether or not my original theories are correct.


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