Loud but not so clear listening tool!

In class this week doc marten helped us navigate the chaos that is Twitter. I personally haven’t had a Twitter for a while mainly because I honestly didn’t get how to use it. I understood the basic concepts I just had no idea what to tweet. Watching Twitter being used as a listening tool really helps me understand the real impact that Twitter can have. Twitter has allowed celebrities, businesses and organizations to have a social platform that gives them almost instant feedback from hundreds of people. This instant feed back can almost be overbearing if you don’t have the proper tools to disseminate all of that information. The Hootsuite app is really something that blew my mind. Twitter analitics is something that can only be effective if it is used properly. Hootsuite allows you to have a birds eye view of all the relevant posts in your Twitterverse. This birds I view is extremely important mainly because of the pace of Twitter. It is almost impossible to see every tweet that is directed to you or about you so these apps help allot when you are @WKU and your dealing with 14,298 followers.

I’ve been fooling around with HootSuite for the past couple of days and I can safely say that it is definitely a necessity for any brand or buisines that has a social meadia platform. The #SaveNelly Campaign is a great example of Twitter’s ability to mobilize and monetize large groups of people. The #SaveNelly campaign began when news hit that Nelly was facing a 2.4 million dollar tax lien. The basic premise behind the save Nelly campaign was created by a writer at spin magazine who estimated that fans would have to stream “Hot in Here” about 287 million times and that’s exactly what people tried to do!Hootsuite was a great for monitoring this campaign because I got to see the overwhelming support as well as a lot of other interesting opinions. Either way this campaign has boosted Nellys sales according to USA TODAY “Spotify is reporting that streams of Nelly’s songs … have increased by 200% this week over peak hours compared to last week.”. Hootsuite lets you organize the chaos that is the Twiterverse.


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