Instagram content 

My favorite thing about Instagram is that, Instagram is a medium that is completely open to interpretation. I believe the purpose of this assignment was to illustrate how Instagram allows a variety of people to express themselves and share their lives in a variety of ways. I did not expect this weeks Instagram assignment to get the reaction it did. I think it is very interesting the way people react to Instagram post. I am a film major so I’ve been continuously exposed to the qualities of a “good frame” or an appealing image. The interesting thing is is that even if your photos are technically sound that does not mean that the image is making an impact. In order for a post to actually make an impact the content needs to illicit an emotional reaction. I can definitely say that I have never received that kind of reaction from a photo that I have taken. Even though I personally think the photo wasn’t technically sound I feel like the emotional subtext behind the photo allowed people to interact with the post more that they normally would if it was just another photo of Guthrie Tower. When it comes to producing content for a brand, production quality plays a major role in the legitimacy of the brand as well as their impact on Instagram. A brand like Polaroid uses Instagram as a platform for visual interaction with consumers by highlighting frames taken by their customers. The fact that they are highlighting everyday consumers and still producing content that is technically sound allows them to build a stronger connection with consumers on that platform awell as advertise the quality of their products.


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