Mkt blog #2

This week in class I found out about Arby’s Facebook marketing campaign and I was honestly very plesently surprised to find that they have pretty much figured out the most effective way to market on Facebook. Facebook is a very effective tool that can help market a brand but this tool comes with a unique set of challenges. Social media marketing can almost seem invasive at times if the campaign is done incorrectly.Facebook has a unique algorithm that allows the user to cut through the clutter and only see what appeals to them. By using pop-culture references as well as niche subcultures they end up using the Facebook algorithm in their favor. One of the major factors of effectively marketing on Facebook is interaction with the consumer.

Consumers are more willing to pass up convenience when a company appeals to their sensibilities. This type of marketing also invites the consumer to post their own references inside of an Arby’s. Being that Arby’s really doesn’t seem to have a specific target demographic they are free to really do just about anything. Arby’s is in a unique position because companies like Hardee’s and Chick-fil-A have a specific target demo and they also have a defined tone in their advertisements. Unlike Arby’s, Hardee’s (Carl’s Jr.) is targeting a broader audience which is just men. This might work for print or TV but Facebook is not print or TV. Hardee’s is a great example of a company that does not get Facebook. I’m sure if you type in hot girls eating bacon onto Facebook there will be tons of other random videos that minimize the impact of that post. As you can see the interaction on that post is drastically lower than the Arbees post. So I definitely feel like Arby’s understands exactly what they’re doing they have a completely different print and TV campaign which is what is necessary in this day and age.


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