Mr. Burberry by Steve McQueen


Hearing that Steve McQueen released a new piece of work is exciting news. His name rose to popularity in 2013, after releasing the Oscar-winning film “12 Years a Slave.” In the film McQueen brilliantly explored American slavery and one man’s fight for survival. Although, there are many films covering the same topic, McQueen’s creative choices filming “12 Years a Slave” allows for the film to stand out amongst others.

When I first saw an article written by Tambay A. Obenson, alluding to the fact that Steve McQueen was visually back in business, naturally I instantly clicked on the link. However, I was somewhat shocked to read about his new project and must admit I felt let down when I realized it was only a Burberry commercial. I say the term “only” because I admire McQueen’s work and had hoped to see much more of him on the big screen.

McQueen released his first commercial project, titled “Mr. Burberry.” The minute-long commercial broadcasts his talent, displaying a young couple poising in Burberry trench coats. McQueen told the UK’s Telegraph that he artistically intended to portray the passion and sex behind two people. I’ll be the first to admit that the brief Burberry commercial gave me cold chills, but in the end I wish I had watched his sexual portrayal on a cinematic screen rather than on my computer.


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