Bryan Cranston Might be an icon

Brian Cranston is truly a rare talent that has been fortunate enough to have had multiple iconic roles that showcase his skill and versatility. Beginning with his comedic role on the hit fox sitcom “Malcolm in the middle” Brian Cranston’s performance really blew me away. A recent indie wire article by Ben Travers claims that Brian Cranston might just top his performance in “Breaking Bad” with his new role as former president Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO Film “All the way”. “Few performers in recent memory have been honored as consistently or as fervently as Bryan Cranston. Starting as a largely unknown but incredibly talented comic actor in Fox’s hit sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle,” his Oscar nomination for “Trumbo” in 2016 was another of Cranston’s consistently awards-worthy performances — performances that actually attract as much attention as they deserve.”(Travers) I really do find it odd that a lot of people cry out claiming that some actors like Denzel and De Niro are icons when, as actors, their performances are totally inconsistent along with the fact that they regularly release films that are ,for lack of a better term, trash. I truly believe Brian Cranston is a performer that has been beyond consistent throughout his career and he has been continually left out of the conversation when it comes to “icons”.

It really does look like Cranston is beginning to get the attention he deserves for his amazing work after his powerful performance in the groundbreaking AMC drama, “Breaking Bad”. Breaking Bad, despite its incredible success, came to an end after five seasons the giant success of the show and his role as Walter White did not pigeon hole him, instead it propelled his career. “Perhaps what’s most interesting about the story surrounding Cranston this year isn’t that he’s up for yet another award, but that the roles he chooses don’t seem specifically targeted for attention. “Trumbo” felt very much like a passion project, as does “All the Way,” even though both sported a number of factors that made them friendly to Academy voters.”(Travers) Much like Daniel Day Lewis, Brian Cranston is a unique talent that has been incredibly consistent mainly because of the roles they choose to perform. Cranston is garnering attention again forhis performance in the HBO Film “All the way” where he reprises his Tony Award-winning role as President Lyndon B. Johnson. The film will not be released till May 28 but I am excited to witness another powerful performance by Brain Cranston


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