Women and film

The scarce amount of women in the film industry has been an issue since the industry’s birth. As a male, I realize that I’m part of an industry that is mostly male dominated. However, just because I’ve chosen to enter this profession doesn’t mean that I support the demographics that stand. That’s why I was delighted to read Anne Thompson’s article “Women Activists Rocked Sundance, Celebrating a Sea Change.”

Sadly, I was not able to participate or attend the Sundance Film Festival, and I was even more disappointed that I was not able to witness the new and large amount of female presence. According to Thompson, women were everywhere at Sundance, from Producers, and women’s brunches, and dinners, and more.

One of the major differences that allowed the new diversity to happen was the partnership between The Sundance Institute and Women in Film. The two have joined forces for several years to research the real barriers for women in Hollywood. “Transparent” showrunner Jill Soloway states: “Filmmaking creates a universe where we become the subjects in our own lives. We have to stop them by shamming them, so that when they look around at a project filled with white men they say, ‘it’s embarrassing, we can’t do this anymore.’”

I’m aware that we have a long way to go before there is complete equality between genders and races in the industry. However, it is comforting to know there is progress being made and activists that are making the issue a priority.



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