Stephen King On What Hollywood Owes Authors When Their Books Become Films

Deadline recently published a Q&A interview with Stephen King that focused mainly on whether or not Hollywood owes authors when their books become films. This article explores the sometimes tumultuous relationship between big Hollywood studios and authors. I specifically enjoyed hearing from arguably the most successful author to adapt his book into film, Stephen King. King admits that both the studios and the authors are often at fault when it comes to common disputes. King states that he is never looking for a “payout” and that he would much rather take little to no money so that he can be actively involved in the production process. “I want a dollar, and I want approvals over the screenwriter, the director and the principal cast. We try to make these people understand, the people that are doing the deal, that I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I’m not a hard guy to get along with.” (King). This simple statement helps me understand why King has been able to adapt so much of his work into a feature film because he is easy to work with. Film is a medium that requires allot of people with lots of ideas to work together and make one piece of work. Authors normally work within a solitary environment. So when an Author is told that their work is no longer “their work” it takes some major adjusting. I honestly now understand why Stephen King has been able to make so many films, because he is an active participant in trying to make the film as successful as possible.


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