Final thoughts!

When I first saw this course on Topnet I was immediately intrigued. I was curious to see exactly what social media marketing even meant surprisingly the main thing I’ve learned is that it is impossible to give a strict definition of social media marketing. This course has really been an eye-opening experience for me mainly due to the fact that I was completely unaware of the various career opportunities that are out there, especially when it comes to content creation. It is honestly a very encouraging  knowing that there is essentially a marketing gold rush driven by social media platforms and analytics. Being able to assess these large brands while comparing the different campaigns on specific platforms really gave me a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.  I was definitely shocked to find that a lot of big brands continue to adhere to old fashion marketing strategies and ignore the valuable tools that each platform provides. Much like I said in my last post social media marketing is not conducive to a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to marketing campaigns. Knowing your audience and also knowing how to use specific social media platforms to interact with consumers are key to having a successful online marketing campaign. Social media marketing is an exciting challenge mainly because of the limitless opportunities for creativity and the continuously evolving nature of social media. To be completely frank this is probably the only relevant course that I have taken this entire semester. I am a film major and I initially took this course just to learn about how social media could be used as a funding raising source for projects. But throughout the semester I have discovered just how quickly the field of marketing is changing. Due to advances in technology, marketing firms have gained an remarkable advantage through the vast amount of consumer data that generated online and on different social media platforms. Online algorithms have allowed brands to target consumers with surgical precision. Unfortunately the Industry as a whole has been slow to adapt to the new platforms. A variety of independent entrepreneurs have recognize the monetary potential of social media platforms. An effective social media presence gives a brand the ability to advertise for free and it also provides a great opportunity to build a relationship with consumers that leads to brand loyalty. Social media platforms are so powerful that even the average person can become a brand through becoming a social media “influencer”. Two days ago NPR actually did a story on Bloomberg reporter Max Chafkin about his month as an “Instagram influencer”.

This article is just one example that illustrates the importance of an effective social media presence. With the right content you can go from being an ordinary Joe online, to an “Instafamous” online marketing tool. Old school marketing practices are dead, marketing firms have to understand the Internet and social media has completely changed the way consumers interact with brands and advertising. A cute commercial spot on primetime just doesn’t cut it anymore. Social media platforms are ideal for marketing especially due to the fact that it is an  inexpensive medium that allows you to  customize a campaign that will reach your consumers directly through algorithms. Understanding these algorithms and the specific platforms the brands chooses to use will significantly impact the effectiveness of the campaign. I am really glad I took this class especially because I have been able to help my parents understand how they can grow their business with the tools that social media platforms provide. But I am just shocked that it took me four years to actually learn something in class that has a direct impact on my life and my career options. Thank you so much for opening up a new and relevant job opportunities for me!


Snapchat marketing 

This week we tackled two more platforms, snapchat and Pintrest,in the ever evolving landscape that is social media marketing. One thing that I’m beginning to realize more and more each week is that a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is the wrong approach when it comes to advertising on social media platforms. In order to effectively market any product or brand on a social media platform it is important to have a firm understanding of the way consumers interact on specific platforms.Snapchat  inspires a variety of untraditional campaigns mainly due to the fact that the platform is open for interpretation. Users can interact or post creative and original content that appeals to their sensibilities. It seems like Snapchat offers a variety of options for advertisers but it really doesn’t show how much of an impact the advertisements actually have unlike facebook and instagram. 

Even though filters give advertisers the unique opportunity to have consumers market and share their products they do not seem to have as much of a lasting impact unlike Arby’s or Taco Bell’s instagram and  Facebook campaigns. I was verry impressed by the facial recognition technology and the innovative steps snap chat has taken to make the platform more interactive. Unfortunately I do not see the Snapchat platform as a very effective marketing tool. Simply because of the way that Snapchat is structured, it is very difficult to find specific brands that are not on the Discover page. The fact that the content disappears within 24 hours makes it extremely difficult for a brand or business that does not have “Snapchat personalities” that can continuously generate content. Lastly the fact that you cannot share content to other people makes its extremely difficult to make an impact.

Make Facebook great again.

I have been doing my very best this week to stay away from social media. My head is still spinning because of the results of this election. The reaction to the results ambushed my feed the next day. Unfortunately my candidate lost the election, but I was honestly shocked when I noticed that I could not find one positive post about the results. This led me to start questioning whether or not Facebook algorithms are contibuting to the growing devicive climate within the United States. The tech crunch article Dr. Martin posted touches on what a lot of journalist have been saying about the societal impact of Facebook’s “echo chamber” affect. Facebook as a platform allows individuals to exchange information and discus a variety of issues. The Facebook algorithm, from a marketing standpoint is a useful tool. Unfortunately, when it comes to politics these algorithms play a crucial role in the growing divide between both parties. I have been continuously questioning why Facebook can be considered a reputable news source. The facebook platform should not be used as a replacement for a reputable news sources. Vetting and proper journalism CANNOT be replaced with catchy headlines and Clickbait. I think that this election has let everyone know exactly how divided the country is. That your Facebook feed is not an accurate depitction of what the world looks like. I really do believe that it is important to make sure that Facebook implement certain stopgaps and restrictions to their algorithms when it come to news. But I also believe that the general public should stop being apathetic and actually start paying attention to what is going on instead of reading a headline and simply clicking the share button.

Photo project

This was hands-down my favorite week of class so far! Two awesome guess speakers and on top of that two photo projects. It is safe to say I have never been in a class that is this interactive. I really enjoyed listening to Bob Skipper’s take on being in the front lines of western’s social media presence. I honestly did not know at the time that it took that much time, effort and coordination to cancel school because of weather. Another highlight was hearing firsthand experiences with misinformation going rampant, creating a major situation for Wku. The challenge becomes, getting ahead of the story with the rite information in the rite amount of time. Bob Skipper seems to have done a masterful job of transitioning and adjusting to the many advantages and disadvantages that comes with technilogical advancement.Twitter has made it more convenient for the university to comunicate with 15,000 people instantly. Unfortunately it has also made it more convenient for false information to us spread rapidly. The silver lining is that in the case of a real emergency and phone lines are down because of a surge of trafic the university still has an efficient way to comunicate relevant information. I don’t think I could hanldle Bobs job but I guess it’s is pretty telling that when he is not putting out figurative fires for the university, he is out there putting out literal fires for the citizens of bowling green! It takes a special person to be willing to take the heat for class not being canceled but Bob has managed to let the negativity roll rite off of his back while continuing to relay important information for WKU students.

Social media and filmmaking.

One of the main reasons I signed up for this course was because I wanted to have a better understanding of how to effectively use social media as a platform. I’ve been blessed enough to have had the opportunity to land great internships in a field that I am interested in. During my second internship I got the chance to sit in on some of the pre-production meetings for a couple of films that were being slated. I began to notice that a majority of the marketing meetings focused on what their approach was for a the social media roll out. Before the movie is even shot conversations about demographics and content for specific social media platforms over shadows conversations about print and television. The film industry depends heavily on word of mouth. The key to having a successful opening weekend is by having lost of people interested in or talk about your movie. The rise of social media has brought major changes to the film industry. Social media has had an even larger impact on independent filmmakers. The greatest obstacle an independent filmmaker has to deal with is funding. Social media has streamlined crowdsourcing and apps like kickstarter I have made it possible for aspiring film makers to gain access to funding without releasing creative control. 

That being said raising money or advertising a product on social media is no simple task! The past few weeks we have gone over a variety of social media platforms that have to ability to give you the tools you need in order to spread the word about your brand. I found an article on indie wire that stated the 10 social media Do’s and Dont’s for filmmakers 10 Do’s and Dont’s . A lot of these Do’s and Don’t are similar to what we have discussed in class but the first one is, give people inside access. Even though most people that spend a lot of time on film sets feel as though it is not the most exciting thing in the world. The average person is always interested in peaking behind the curtain to see what all goes into the film making process. By giving the people you interact with special access they begin to feel more involved in the creative proces.It is important to manage social media platforms effectively because it can translate into sales. 

Video project

My favorite thing about the video projects we did this week was, being able to see everyone’s projects. I really enjoyed working on this video project mainly because of the topic “a day in the life at WKU”. This topic is specific enough to give you a bit of direction but broad enough to alow everyone to have their own take on what that means. I was very impressed especially because most of the groups had little to no experience but I feel like every one produced great content! I am very pleased with the way our project came out and I loved watching the class react to it. I really took the topic and ran with it (pun intended)! Because of the time frame I wanted to produce something that would hold your attention the whole time. I am very curious to see what the analytics look like. Because my theory was that if there was some sort of tension throughout the entire video most people would stay and watch to see what would happen. I also used quick cuts to ensure that the viewer would pay atention longer. The story was also an easy excuse to show off the campus without being obvious. I am really happy with how everything turned out especially because I had a solid group that did exactly what I needed them to do while also juggling class/work/ strep so all in all I think the shoot went great and everything worked out! I am verry excited to see the analytics for every ones videos the see whether or not my original theories are correct.

Loud but not so clear listening tool!

In class this week doc marten helped us navigate the chaos that is Twitter. I personally haven’t had a Twitter for a while mainly because I honestly didn’t get how to use it. I understood the basic concepts I just had no idea what to tweet. Watching Twitter being used as a listening tool really helps me understand the real impact that Twitter can have. Twitter has allowed celebrities, businesses and organizations to have a social platform that gives them almost instant feedback from hundreds of people. This instant feed back can almost be overbearing if you don’t have the proper tools to disseminate all of that information. The Hootsuite app is really something that blew my mind. Twitter analitics is something that can only be effective if it is used properly. Hootsuite allows you to have a birds eye view of all the relevant posts in your Twitterverse. This birds I view is extremely important mainly because of the pace of Twitter. It is almost impossible to see every tweet that is directed to you or about you so these apps help allot when you are @WKU and your dealing with 14,298 followers.

I’ve been fooling around with HootSuite for the past couple of days and I can safely say that it is definitely a necessity for any brand or buisines that has a social meadia platform. The #SaveNelly Campaign is a great example of Twitter’s ability to mobilize and monetize large groups of people. The #SaveNelly campaign began when news hit that Nelly was facing a 2.4 million dollar tax lien. The basic premise behind the save Nelly campaign was created by a writer at spin magazine who estimated that fans would have to stream “Hot in Here” about 287 million times and that’s exactly what people tried to do!Hootsuite was a great for monitoring this campaign because I got to see the overwhelming support as well as a lot of other interesting opinions. Either way this campaign has boosted Nellys sales according to USA TODAY “Spotify is reporting that streams of Nelly’s songs … have increased by 200% this week over peak hours compared to last week.”. Hootsuite lets you organize the chaos that is the Twiterverse.

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